Paylaşımlı şarj istasyonları, Paylaşımlı Porty Şarj Hizmeti

Shared charging stations, Shared Porty Charging Service

Shared Charging Stations, Porty Charging Service Turkey's first rentable and portable shared charger, Porty, is to ensure the continuity of people's mobility in a world where the sharing economy is constantly increasing with technology.
Şarj Ederken Özgür Ol(ama)mak!

Be Free While Charging (but not)!

The biggest problem of smart device consumers is that the battery runs out quickly. It's okay, fast charging devices are seen as the biggest cure for the charges that end in the wrong place. So, how useful is this method, actually? One of the problems of the modern world is that devices are smart but...
Cep Telefonları Ne Zaman Güneş Enerjsiyle Şarj Olacak?

When Will Cell Phones Be Charged With Solar Energy?

We are starting this article with information that will surprise you a lot, the phone that charges with solar energy was produced years ago, not 5, not 10, not 15, but exactly 25 years ago! The world back then was very different from what it is today. Nokia is the world's largest mobile phone...
Porty ile Hem Bataryanızı Hem Çevrenizi Koruyun

Protect Your Battery and Environment with Porty

Have you ever thought about how the powerbanks we use to charge our phones harm the nature? Do a little research and you'll see how much more there is. As such, eyes are turned to environmentally friendly projects. Spreading rapidly, Porty eliminated this problem.