Frequently Asked Questions

Porty is Turkey’s first powerbank rental service. It is an innovative solution that will completely change the charger ecosystem.

With technological developments, smart mobile phones have become an indispensable element of human life as they carry a task beyond communication. During instant sharing via smartphones (such as e-mail traffic, photo and video shooting, social media use), charging problems occur due to intensive use, which negatively affects business and private life. Due to charging problems, people have to carry their chargers with them all the time or entrust their phones to unsafe environments. This also means that they cannot reach their phones when needed. They even leave the place they are in before they plan due to the aforementioned problem. Porty, designed to eliminate the problem, aims to be beneficial to users and businesses with this understanding.

It is a portable product. For this reason, when you want to charge your electronic device, your device is charged nearby and safely. You can leave the place where you use it and deliver it to the Porty point in another location. You do not need to look for coins for payment. Payments are made digitally via the app.

Porty is an environmentally friendly, economical, reliable, easily accessible and portable charger. In particular, it is distinguished from other products by allowing you to charge your mobile devices on the go.

Your personal data is under the protection of Porty. Your data in accordance with KVKK(Personal Data Protection Law);

  • To ensure that personal data is not processed unlawfully,
  • No unlawful access to personal data,
  • In order to protect personal data, it takes necessary measures to ensure the appropriate level of security and implements policies for this purpose and all personal data is secured over the internet with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate.

    Open the mobile app, scan the QR code on the Porty point. As soon as your payment details are confirmed, the station will release the most suitable charging unit for you to use.

    To rent the Porty powerbank:

    • First download the app from the relevant app store. You can see the stations near you on the map in the application.
    • After the download process is completed, log in easily with the SMS code sent to your phone.
    • Enter your one-time credit card details.
    • Scan the QR code on the station via the application.
    • As soon as your payment information is confirmed, the station will issue a powerbank for you to use.

    To return it:

    • Open the app.
    • Find a station you can return via the app.
    • Place the powerbank in one of the empty spaces on the appropriate station.


    Thanks to its multi-ended charging cable structure, you can safely charge all brands and models (Apple, LG, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Oppo, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.) portable devices (mobile phones, tablets, AirPods, GoPro, etc.) with Lightning, USB Type-C and Micro-USB sockets.

    Porty currently only allows you to rent one device with the same telephone number.

    You can get information about promotions and campaigns by entering the "My Campaigns" tab in the application. You can view the coupons defined to your account from the "My Coupons" tab.

    Porty provides service at more than 3000 points in total in 63 cities in Turkey. You can find the nearest Porty point on the map available in the Porty application and make your powerbank rental.

    To make a payment, it is enough to define your credit card to the system once and payment is made after the rental process is completed. Your credit card information is not kept on a server belonging to Porty.

    Before adding a card and renting a powerbank, in order to check whether the added card is open or closed to internet shopping, 1 ₺ is first withdrawn from your card by İyzico, the most widespread and reliable payment infrastructure provider in Turkey, and then this amount is refunded to your card. The refund period may vary from bank to bank.

    You can add your new card information by logging in to the "My Cards" tab in the application.

    Porty is charged on half-hourly or daily rates. The fare tariff of the Porty point you want to rent is displayed when you click on this Porty point on the map. When you scan the QR code during the rental phase, the fare tariff will also appear on your screen before the "Rent  Now" stage. The cost of Porty is calculated by taking into account the time you receive and return the powerbank. 

    In order to ensure the highest level of security of our users' payment information, we work with Iyzico, the most widespread and reliable payment infrastructure provider in Turkey. In addition, if you wish, you can easily make your payment through Papara or Ininal 3D Security System. Apart from these, you can also make Porty payments with virtual cards, debit cards and credit cards with Iyzico assurance.

    When you select "My Orders" from the menu that opens when you click on the Porty icon at the top of the screen in the application, you can see when you rented from which Porty station and you can access your past usage details.

    You can download the Porty app from the App Store or Google Play Store according to your operating system.

    To change your account information registered in Porty, first open the application. Click on the Porty icon at the top of the screen and the Menu will open. You can make the necessary changes to your account information on the new screen you will see by clicking the "Settings" option.

    At a Porty point, the Porty with the highest occupancy rate is given. The minimum occupancy rate of the Porty that can be rented is 60%.

    A green light on the Porty indicates that the device's charge level is above 60% and a red light indicates that the charge level is below 30%.

    You can find package  information and terms of use for all Porty packages in the "Porty Packages’’ tab in the Porty application. You can purchase the package you want by reading the details, price information and terms of use of the existing Porty packages.

    The "Porty Packages’’ tab in the Porty application contains the content and price information of the available Porty packages. Select the package you want to purchase and click the "Continue" button. If your payment method is registered, you can select the card you will pay. If your payment method is not registered, you can purchase the package you want by adding your card information.

    More than one Porty Package can not be purchased at the same time. When your current package expires or when you use the whole coupons including the package you can purchase a new Porty Package.

    If you already have card information registered with Porty, you can pay directly with your existing cards when purchasing a Porty Package. If you do not have any card details registered with Porty, you can add your debit or credit card details on the Package payment page in a few steps.

    If you want to check the remaining usage and expiration date of the Porty Package you have purchased, you can follow the "Porty Packages" tab through the Porty application.

    You can also benefit from other campaigns while you have an active Porty Package purchased. On the Coupon Code selection screen while renting, you can either benefit from your package or from a different campaign code you have. However, different campaigns cannot be combined.

    Cancellation of the purchased Porty Package is not possible.

    The usage in Porty Packages is 30 minutes per day. If the 30-minute usage period is exceeded, the user will continue to be charged at the Porty price tariff of the leased location.

    Purchased Porty Packages are not automatically renewed. When your package expires, you must purchase a new Porty Package.

    Thanks to the energy efficiency of the eco-friendly lithium-ion battery inside, Porty brings your phone's battery charge up to 50% within 20 minutes; this time may vary depending on the phone model and battery health status.

    Porty is manufactured with technologies that meet high and low voltage safety standards. It has CQC, CE, FCC, UN38.3, CMA, MSDS, ROHS certificates accredited by the world's approved test centres. The manufacturer company serves in 30 countries with 800,000 stations and 6 million powerbank units; has 51 patents and 10 copyrights. The batteries used in Porty are produced from lithium, which is considered the white gold of energy. In 2019, the Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to scientists who developed lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Li-ion batteries are capable of safely storing large amounts of energy and provide stable and secure electricity flows in both stationary and mobile modes.

    The weight of Porty powerbanks is only 136g.

    For safety reasons, Porty may stop charging if it has been stationary for a long period of time. Therefore, move the Porty so that the green light comes on. If the green light does not come on even though you move the Porty, the charging capacity of the Porty may be low. You can return the Porty and get a new Porty. If your problem is not solved, you can contact the technical department.

    Share a picture of the side of the Porty with the QR code on it and an image of the damaged cable. Then return it to any Porty point.

    You can reach our technical team from Live Support on the application or [email protected] with the name of the location you left.

    You can end your return process by plugging the Powerbank into an empty charging unit at any Porty mobile charging point. You can see the nearest station from the map on the Porty mobile application and check the number of empty charging units at the station on the Porty mobile application.

    Push the Porty into an empty slot at the Porty point in the direction of the arrows located on it. Wait for the green light next to the slot you have placed to turn on within a few seconds.

    If the Powerbank is not returned to a Porty point within 4 days, the user will be charged 900₺ for the purchase of the Powerbank and the rental fee incurred up to that day. If the Powerbank is returned to a Porty point within one week after the 4-day usage period, the 900 ₺ charged will be returned to the user’s Porty wallet.

    In case of loss of the powerbank, Porty should be contacted immediately to freeze the rental process, so that the user will only be charged the rental fee and the cost of the powerbank up to the frozen time.

    You can reach Porty customer service via [email protected] e-mail address, the 'Contact' link on the mobile application and via our web page

    You can make your application from the "Business Partners" tab on our website.