How it Works?

Porty, Turkey's first rentable and portable charger, is a powerbank sharing service set out to ensure the continuity of people's mobility. Porty enables the public charging revolution with our mobile charging stations.


Download Porty from app stores.


Scan the QR code on the mobile charging point via the app.


The charging point will give you the full powerbank and the charging will start.


Discover the areas where you can drop the powerbank from the app and drop it where you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Porty is Turkey’s first powerbank rental service. It is an innovative solution that will completely change the charger ecosystem.

Due to the intensive use of smartphones during instant sharing, calls, messaging applications and camera use, charging problems occur and this negatively affects business and private life. Due to this charging problem, people have to carry their chargers with them all the time or entrust their phones to unsafe environments. They even leave the place they are in earlier than they planned because of this problem. Porty, designed to eliminate this problem, aims to be beneficial to users and businesses with this understanding.

You can download the Porty app from the App Store or Google Play Store according to your operating system.

To rent a Porty powerbank; 

1. Download the Porty app from app stores.

2. Complete the registration and credit card identification process.

3. Start renting with the QR Code on the Porty charging stations that you will select on the map or at any point near you via the application.

Porty is charged on half-hourly or daily rates. The fare tariff for the Porty point you want to rent is displayed when you click on the Porty point on the map or before the "Start Rentals" stage after scanning the QR code during the rental.

To make a payment, it is enough to define your credit card to the system once and payment is made after the rental process is completed. Your credit card information is not kept on a server belonging to Porty.

Before adding a card and renting a powerbank, in order to check whether the added card is open or closed to internet shopping, Iyzico, the most widespread and reliable payment infrastructure provider in Turkey, will first charge 1 ₺ from your card and then refund this amount to your card. The refund period may vary from bank to bank.

What they say about us

  • S***** Y*****
    7 Ekim 2023
    No more charging problem
    When I go to work, my phone has no charging problem, I have porty, I use it everywhere and I leave it wherever I want, it's very good. 
  • L**** B****
    11 Ekim 2023
    Very practical
    With Porty, the trouble of carrying a charger with you is over, I can pick it up from wherever I want and easily leave it at any point where I go, it charges very fast and is very practical.
  • Y*****
    30 Eylül 2023
    It saved my life

    I had it at the festival I went to, I had fun without worrying if my battery would run out. Charges fast.

  • E***** A*****
    29 Ağustos 2023
    Available everywhere

    It has become so widespread that I see it everywhere, I wouldn’t go out without a charger when I go out, now I don’t even take it with me in case I find Porty.

  • R*****
    11 Ekim 2023
    Practical and affordable

    I am grateful to the porty, which eliminates the charging problem and is at hand in case of need. We also no longer need to carry a charger with us ☺

  • A***** K*****
    11 Ekim 2023
    Porty saves lives

    It is a very nice application and there are Porty stations that can be easily found everywhere. 

  • Ş***** S*****
    7 Ekim 2023
    The best powerbank app

    It is really a super system, I needed it urgently the other day while I was sitting with my friends at the venue and it filled my battery in a short time. I wish you continued succes. ❤

  • S***** Ç*****
    5 Ekim 2023
    Every business needs it

    I use it in my business, my customers are very satisfied, it is a great application

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