The biggest problem of smart device consumers is that the battery runs out quickly. It's okay, fast charging devices are seen as the biggest cure for the charges that end in the wrong place. So, how useful is this method, actually?

One of the problems of the modern world is smart devices, but the same cannot be said for their batteries. Of course, spending that much energy comes at a cost. This is fast draining of batteries. If your device is new, you don't have much of a charging problem for a while. But as the usage time increases, charging problems increase in parallel. Since we handle many of our works and transactions through our smart devices, it can put us in a difficult situation when our battery runs out quickly.

To avoid such critical moments, the solution for some of us is to always carry a fast charger. However, research shows that chargers with a higher voltage than the manufacturers recommend shorten the life of the batteries. Besides this disadvantage of chargers, you also need an outlet and enough patience to solve the charging problem.

On the other hand, frequent charging of used devices also reduces the lifespan of our batteries. Batteries that are charged repeatedly during the day are faced with a heating problem, sometimes this problem can even cause an accident as big and damaging as an explosion.

Charge Freely

Of course, the only solution is not to carry a charger with you all the time and wait by the socket.

Setting out for users to charge their devices both affordably and freely, Porty has thought of the solution to the above-mentioned problems for you. You can solve your charging problem very easily by using the application at rentable powerbank points in hundreds of locations. And the most attractive part of the job is that you don't have to wait at the point where you rent the powerbank. When your battery is full, you can leave it wherever you want.

Porty not only charges your device without limiting your freedom, but also prevents your battery from getting shocked and shortening its lifespan.

See you at a Porty charging point where you can experience free charging.